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Sounds way to good to be true, but it's one of the simplest ways to really take advantage of your new Solar Energy System from Tampa Bay Solar. A programmable thermostat from Honeywell will help you maximize the return on your investment, and we will not only toss it in for free, but we will also install it for you too, good on all orders before Sep. 2017.


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Tampa Solar Power Panels

Are being installed every single day in homes and businesses just like yours by our Tampa Bay Solar technicians 

Call us today at 813-398-3687, we are ready to assist you to a cleaner, more carbon free life style while saving you money at the same time.

Tampa Bay's best solar power companies are installing

Solar energy systems from Clearwater to Sarasota, from large scale solar systems that are used in commercial or business applications to small farm homes in Lutz, solar is becoming a part of our Tampa Bay life.

Costs for Solar power in Tampa are at historic lows. The solar panel costs have dropped while energy output has increased with better technologies. We are at costs that make solar power a wise investment and no longer a big Vegas gamble for a return on investment.

With our very popular Zero Down financing, you too can now purchase your very own solar power energy system without breaking the bank. Without the need for anything but your good credit score and ownership of your property you can become utility electric energy and carbon free. 

We're able to help you move forward with a new system thanks to our financing partners and the terrific 30% Federal Tax Credit. Additionally, you may be eligible for local rebates.

Now is the time, demand is still lower than production, prices are at the lowest levels for solar panels since they became marketable, interest rates at near all-time lows, the timing couldn't be better. There will be a day when demand for solar will drive up costs temporarily, don't wait for that day, and that day is coming fast.

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Solar Power is getting easier than buying a car! We make it easy and affordable to replace your power bill with a loan for your very own solar power system. generate your own power, and even sell the excess back to the power company on sunny days! Call us today to learn more.

Solar Power Costs in Tampa Bay

Solar Energy

Zero Down

Zero Down Financing Solar

Tampa, now you can own a new Solar Energy Powered System with NO MONEY DOWN. We can't make this any easier for you, it's simple, we want you to own it, with a new solar energy power system from Tampa Bay Solar.

There has never been a better time to trade off your power bill for your own clean and green solar power energy system! Buy a high quality made in America Solar Power system installed by vets and start living carbon free and save some money at the same time.

And once the system is paid in full, its yours. No more power bills each month! Each year electric power bills increase. However, yours won't, your payments stay the same as your neighbors bills increase with each passing year - year after year . . .

Think about it.

Affordable Solar Power Systems

When is a good time to consider a solar energy power system? 
When the financing options are great, like zero down!
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